A bit of a cleanup of IDGen WS

Hi Bahmni folks (@angshuonline, @binduak, @darius)

We noticed that the tip of IDGen WS was failing. I took a look and realised that it was because of a mismatch of versions across the POMs.

So I cleaned that up and whilst I was at it I also added a Java code formatter and some minor improvements. I kept all commits separated in my PR and I would suggested to use a ‘Rebase and merge’ to keep them as such on master. Here it is: https://github.com/Bahmni/openmrs-module-idgen-webservices/pull/4

Can somebody rebase master on it, or give me write access to the repo (for some reason I most it…)?

To @mksrom: 1.3-SNAPSHOT is now available on our Nexus.

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@angshuonline would you see any problem with migrating IDGen WS to /openmrs on GitHub?
I know that this module is not used outside Bahmni, however it is not Bahmni specific at all.

The reason why I’m asking is because once again this bit us in the back. We have a demo server for Cambodia whose release was set to bundle IDGen WS 1.2-SNAPSHOT. Everything was fine until the latest commits got screwed and 1.2-SNAPSHOT started to not carry the UTF-8 chars fix that it should. Through some infra upgrade on our end the demo server was rebuilt, hence reintroducing a buggy version of the module that had been fixed months before.

Now what I would like to do is:

  • Move it to /openmrs
  • Release IDGen WS 1.3 or (1.3.0).
  • Set our distro to depend on and bundle the above.
  • Next development iteration to be 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT.
  • Sleep tight.

I was demoing this yesterday to a funding org, all proud to show that everything was translated into Khmer, until this antique bug of UTF-8 display came as a cold shower (and also in real-time for me). Enough. We must release our Maven artifacts, depending on snapshot artifacts is not ok. Never.

Cc: @mksrom @ouiliam

We have a repo now with Sonatype OSS. Would having a release there solve your problem?