404 OpenMRS atlas

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Has anyone noticed that the link on the home page of OpenMRS https://openmrs.org/ has a dead link 404 when the user is on the home page of OpenMRS and clicks on:

Where are we? Although we started out to fix a database system in a single clinic in Kenya, in the last few years OpenMRS has grown dramatically to be used both in research and clinical settings in every corner of the planet. We’re very proud of the innovators using OpenMRS to improve health care worldwide. Take a look where OpenMRS is being used.

the links leads to https://openmrs.org/atlas/ which is currently missing or has a new url location?

@shahidfoy are you looking for this? atlas.openmrs.org

@jeffneiman @cintiadr @burke where do we edit the home page from? The atlas link needs to be fixed as reported above.

It’s nested under one of the sidebar preferences. I edited the link on Thursday but apparently the changes aren’t being reflected. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with our new hosting setup.

It took me a while to try to understand how to change it. So, I went to the ‘Where are we’ mini-feature, and the ‘Mini-features Excerpt’ was still pointing to the old URL. After I changed it, the page was fixed immediately.

Also, the excerpt is still pointing to openmrs.org/atlas/, at the bottom at the page:

Which page should it be pointing to?

That’s exactly what I did… I did it three times just to me sure, but nothing was reflected on the page…

Why would your changes be accepted and not mine? :frowning:

The text on the top, with the visual editor, were already modified to the new URL, and you could see them only here apparently: https://openmrs.org/infobox/where-are-we/

But the excerpt was not. 38 AM

Not sure how could it possibly have saved the main text and not the excerpt if you modified both together.