404 (Not Found) errors in browser console


  • Platform 1.11.5
  • Reference Application 2.3.1

I see 404 (Not Found) errors in browser console for almost all the reference application pages. For example I see the following errors on Clinicianfacing patient page:

`patient.page:24 GET http://ip-address/openmrs/ms/uiframework/resource/uicommons/styles/datetimepicker.css?cache=1455946936127

patient.page?patientId=99c4099f-48ae-48f1-8b0d-02174111c027:1 GET http://ip-address/openmrs/ms/uiframework/resource/fonts/opensans-regular-webfont.ttf 404 (Not Found)`

Mostly the errors are related to resources: javascript, stylesheet, images, fonts, etc. These error tends to hamper the UI in some scenarios.

I found the root cause of the problem. The resource files listed as ‘Not Found’ on browser console were missing from the module’s omod file. So, I tried looking into the resources located in actual module project directory and found that the resources were not present over there too. I added the missing resources and built the modules having missing resources. After deploying the updated modules, I no more see the UI related issues that I had earlier with calendar and other controls.

But, I still do see ‘Not Found’ erros in browser console for other pages:

  1. FInd Patient Record page
  2. Clinicianfacing page
  3. Visit Note page
  4. Capture Vitals page
  5. Patient Dashboard page … and more

Note: I’ve checked the same on http://demo.openmr.org and the issue is found over there too.

For the errors at demo.openmrs.org, they should be resolved by using version 1.8-SNAPSHOT of the uicommons module.

Updated the resources by manually placing resources from latest module. But, I still see a few 404 errors in browser console:

404 (Not Found)

404 (Not Found)

GET http://localhost:8080/openmrs/ms/uiframework/resource/uicommons/scripts/datetimepicker/locales/bootstrap-datetimepicker.en_GB.js?cache=1458972345360 
404 (Not Found)

404 (Not Found)