404 error when a form is saved

HTTP Status 404 – Not Found

I created a Openmrs Form but whenever i save, i get 404 response but when i click the back button the form will show success notification. please whats responsible for this? I believe that there is something i didn’t get right.

Type Status Report

Message /%20domain%20/coreapps/clinicianfacing/patient.page

Description The origin server did not find a current representation for the target resource or is not willing to disclose that one exists.

Apache Tomcat/8.5.32

@smarthech how did you create the form ie what form framework did you use ?

Please share the full url and log. @gcliff shouldn’t we be having a patient ID somewhere in the URL

I did not use any framework, I read the documentation on how to create it using normal HTML, CSS javascript and velocity framework.

I have created forms that worked before but this everyone did not work for reasons unknown to me.


The above link is the full url but this portion “/localhost:8090/akabostandalone” has been replaced with “%20domain%20”

@smarthech which documentation ?

Was it this HTML Form Entry Module - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Yes sir… thats the documentation i read

My guess is its a sever side issue with your tomcat, could you share your server logs.

Also try to restart your server and give it a second shot

@smarthech the specific page you’re trying to access can’t be reached,is it possible to look at the portion of your code for submitting the form or otherwise the entire form

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Thank you all for all the wonderful comments and contributions. i have figured out the issue and it has been resolved. There was a variable that was not properly concatenated in the URL of the form i was submitting from.