4 February: OCL 2022 Technical Roadmap Walk-Through Call Topic

Please join the OpenHIE Terminology Service Subcommunity on Friday, February 4 at 9am Eastern, to review and provide feedback on the Open Concept Lab 2022 Technical Roadmap.

@jamlung and @paynejd will walk through the proposed roadmap, including development of an OCL FHIR core, publication of reference vocabularies, integration with the OpenMRS Dictionary Manager, and a host of other features. All are welcome to attend this open session and we hope you’ll come ready with your questions and priorities to share so we can get even more input on the direction of the OCL community.

We hope to see you there! You can learn more about the OpenHIE Terminology Service Subcommunity on this wiki page:Terminology Service Community - Communities - OpenHIE Wiki.


Looking forward to this - thank you @paynejd for sharing! Important work indeed.

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