3.x RefApp automated workflow tests are failing build plan[Resolved]

There is an error being thrown from a cross all the 3.x RefApp automated tests that were passing before in master. Its now a while when investigating why Cypress fails the tests when any uncaught errors are thrown from the application side.

From the google search, solutions have met point to ignoring these uncaught errors throw from the application by adding the block of code below in support/index.js

 Cypress.on('uncaught:exception', (err, runnable) => {
  // returning false here prevents Cypress from failing the test
  return false;

The above solution does not yield success because we already have that block in the module handling the exception. The logs that are being thrown by the tests suggest that the issue may be coming from our application.

Two questions I have so far,

could this issue be originating from our spa-server that is taking long to load the login page ?

And what solution can be done to see these automated tests pass build plans ?

cc: @bistenes @ibacher @dkayiwa @jayasanka @sharif @mksd

The login test for 3.x doesn’t call that Cypress command (it’s only called in the 2.x tests) so the error handler doesn’t get setup.

PS For the purposes of that command run in a beforeEach hook, it would be better to use cy.on() instead of Cypress.on() (cy.on() registers the event handler for the current test, Cypress.on() registers it globally).


Have pulled a request after confirming the changes with the local testing.

cc: @ibacher @dkayiwa @bistenes

The 3.x RefApp automated tests are back to life apart from one under investigation!

cc: @ibacher @sharif @jayasanka @dkayiwa @grace