2024 OpenMRS Academy: Inquiries & Support

Hi everyone :sparkles: :sparkles:,

As we eagerly look forward to our exciting OpenMRS Academy Fundamentals & JumpStart Programs in January 2024, we realize we that there may arise questions and inquiries regarding registration and enrollment to these programs.

:pushpin: So we are starting up this Academy Inquiries Talk thread to welcome any of your inquiries that you may have. Feel free to reply to this thread with your questions and any help needed in getting ready for our Academy.

:pushpin: Here are some links associated with Registration to our Academy should you seek any:

We encourage you to keep checking our OpenMRS Academy Website for any updates that may come up. Looking forward to seeing all at the Academy! :computer: :sparkles:

cc: @jennifer @grace @suubi7 @thembo42 @jonathan @edison @erica


Hello everyone,

I’m Subham Kumar, a third-year Computer Science undergraduate at IIT Dhanbad. Proficient in programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, and Express, I have garnered valuable experience in these domains.

My passion lies in open-source contributions, and I am excited to announce my interest in participating in Google Summer of Code 2024. I am particularly eager to collaborate on projects related to OpenMRS.

Having honed my skills through hands-on experience and coursework, I am enthusiastic about applying my knowledge to real-world projects. I believe that through active engagement in the open-source community, we can collectively drive positive change and innovation.

Looking forward to the exciting opportunities ahead, and eager to contribute to the success of OpenMRS in GSOC’24.

Best regards, Subham Kumar


How do you plan to cater for those that are registering today ie providing details of how to join?

@wodpachua @suubi7

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@thembo42 Thanks for asking!

We are sending them the joining details, so that they can be able to participate as well.


Thanks for the great work regarding the academy. I have gone through the OpenMRS fundamentals and the content is good. However I am not able to view the content for the last part before the quiz which is “Introduction to OpenMRS reporting” because the video can’t play. I managed to do the quiz.

I enrolled for the “OPENMRS 03 INTRO” but the videos are not playing too. What could be the problem? @wodpachua @suubi7

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@isamanya this is new. @grace seems there is a problem with videos they dont load.

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Hello @wodpachua , how to get access to this course Introducing OpenMRS version 3 (O3) – OpenMRS.org in openmrs academy? I am unable to play the videos even after enrolling for the course. Thanks in advance for the help.

It would be really helpful if we could access the videos. Is there any way to do that? Thanks.