2023-12-19: Academy & Professional Development Management Call

Hi everyone!

This will be our last, scheduled call of 2023. With OpenMRS Fundamentals Academy & O3 Jumpstart! slated to begin January 9, it’s also a packed agenda.

  • Registration fees
  • Follow up communications
  • Co-facilitators & moderators
  • Finalizing session materials

If you would like to see how we’re doing in terms of planning & logistics, please take a look at our 2024 OpenMRS Academy Checklist.

Who: Anyone who is interested in planning and organizing OpenMRS Academy events and mentorship programs. @suubi7 @wodpachua @jonathan @antoniomacheve @marinachichava @jayasanka @dennis @dkayiwa @grace @jamlung @ibacher

When: 6:30 pm IST | 4 pm Nairobi | 3 pm Cape Town | 1 pm UTC| 8 am Boston | 5 am Seattle

Where: https://iu.zoom.us/j/85834300343?pwd=WEtHK0llaWZmTWtmTnhPUlVqRmlGUT09