2023-10-24: Global Events & Marketing Team

And a gentle reminder that our next Global Events & Marketing Team is coming up on Wednesday.

What We’ll Talk About:

When: October 25 at 7:30pm IST | 5 pm Nairobi | 4 pm Cape Town | 2 pm UTC | 10 am Boston | 7am Seattle.

Where: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Can’t make it? Join our #global-events Slack channel and get in on the day-to-day action!

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This team is rocking & rolling!

Here’s where we are with planning our November Community Meeting:

  • Announcement to squads & teams on Talk - DONE!
  • Set up Wiki Community Meeting page - Draft available. Thank you, @suubi7
  • Draft the schedule - DONE! Note that there is an additional tab where we can put down any ideas we have or come across about potential topics for plenary, showcases, and lightning talks.
  • Open up registration - DONE! We already have 13 people registered for our meeting
  • Set up & post sign up sheets for implementers showcase and lightning talks.- DONE!
  • Reach out to squads & teams about presentation preparations - initial outreach done. Follow up to come!
  • Draft invitation letter & external listserv posts for implementers, stakeholders, and other special invites - Not started. @wodpachua will kick this off, with our support.

See how things are coming along and/or sign up to help with our meeting via our November Community Meeting Planning Checklist.

With OMRS24, we talked about a couple of initial and critical next steps:

  • Mapping stakeholders from the host county, then identifying who should be a part of the OMRS24 Steering Committee. To be discussed at our November 8 meeting.
  • Financial management: there are a lot of questions about how this will happen for OMRS24. To be discussed in late November or early December.

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