2023-02-09 TAC call: Interoperability Layer for OpenMRS

You are all welcome for this week’s Technical Action Committee call on Thursday 9th February 2023 at 2pm UTC (3pm CET / 5pm EAT / 7:30pm IST / 9am EST / 6am PST) where @corneliouzbett and @ningosi will share with us their planned approach for an OpenMRS Interoperability layer.

All who have contributed to this thread are encouraged to attend and give feedback or share their experience doing similar work.

cc @mseaton @mogoodrich @mksrom @mksd @eudson @samuel34 @alaboso @jdick @bashir @ruhanga @jecihjoy @wyclif @rcrichton @slubwama @mozzy @pmanko @burke @ibacher @aojwang @drizzentic @injiri @patryllus @dennis @AMPATH @PalladiumKenya


I definitely can’t make it unfortunately, but perhaps @ruhanga could join and comment on what’s been done in Ozone with openmrs-eip.

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Are we also going to discuss the URI for value sets as well?

I almost put it on the agenda, but noticed that the time may not be enough for it to receive the attention that it deserves. So i decided to push it to next week. Do you feel otherwise?

@dkayiwa it would be good to add planned agenda to om.rs/tacnotes

I had planned to be on this week. I cannot make it next week.


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