2023-01-19 TAC call: Release Dockerization, O3 Beta & Release Pipeline, Performance and Configuration

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Dear Community, I’m so excited for this new TAC time and format, starting this Thursday!

When: This Thursdays at 2pm UTC (3pm CET / 5pm EAT / 7:30pm IST / 9am EST / 6am PST)

Where: Zoom https://om.rs/zoomtac

Agenda: @raff @dennis @dkayiwa @ibacher @vasharma05 @jayasanka @suruchi will share quick summaries of what they are working on, with deep dives into the following:

  • Release Dockerization - @raff will give an intro to his latest work
  • O3 Release flow - getting to Beta - @jayasanka
  • O3 RefApp Config separation@ibacher to briefly share plan about splitting off config from distro
  • O3 Performance issues - discoveries so far - @dennis & @jayasanka
  • OSV-Scanner decision - @grace & @dkayiwa
  • Date Config - Grace

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

CCing folks who might be interested: @mseaton @mogoodrich @mksrom @mksd @eudson @samuel34 @alaboso


Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who joined us this Thursday for this first new way of doing TAC calls - with 21 people in attendance, it was the biggest TAC call since I’ve joined OMRS :slight_smile: Thank you to all attendees - @burke, @wanyee, @eudson, @wamz, @alaboso, @mogoodrich, @jnsereko, @frederic.deniger, @hadijah315, @moshon, & komit & jonathan thembo.

Huge thanks to our presenters @jayasanka, @suruchi, @raff, @dkayiwa, @ibacher, @vasharma05! Full recording here: https://iu.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/t/1_2pkc25tb

To skip to Rafal’s Dockerization & release pipeline work section specifically: Technical Action Committee (TAC) - Indiana University

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