2022-12-19: Fellowship Program Management - weekly call

A gentle reminder, we have a Fellowship Program Management weekly call today at 2:30 pm UTC | 5:30 pm Nairobi | 4:30 pm Cape Town | 9:30 am Boston | 8:00 pm IST | 6:30am Seattle | 8:15pm Kathmandu.

All community members are welcome to join the call.

Today’s agenda:

  • Retrospective of fellowship orientation
  • Overview of GSoC fellowship program and management

The call is on Zoom on this link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

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Thank you @nikeshbalami . See you there.

Thank you so much everyone who joined the meeting. Please feel free to check out the recording if you missed it. Here is the recording.

Some of the key discussion points of the meeting

  • Fellowship retrospective: We had a brief discussion to reflect on how the fellowship orientation went and how the mentorship and capacity-building activities can be organized later.

  • Rename the weekly fellowship call: A decision to merge the planning of the OpenMRS fellowship and GSoC Fellowship has been made. For planning purposes, the regular timeslots of Monday will be used and the name of the weekly call will be renamed. New name is yet to be decided (if you have a recommendation, please feel free to share).

  • Timeline and activity: The admin team of both programs will look at the timeline and activities of each other programs to get a better sense of commonalities between both programs so that future plans can be developed.

  • Admin structure/decision-making: In the next call, the discussion regarding the admin structures will be done.

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