2022-12-01: It’s here: Session 3 of the Fellowship Orientation

Mentorship, Open Source Citizens and OpenMRS is the topic of the day.

Is there someone in the OpenMRS community who can guide you through your professional goals? How can you make the most of the OpenMRS community? Can you help someone become a better version of themselves in their professional and community pursuit? These are some of the questions that will be addressed in this session.

Join us

Date: 1st December 2022

Day: Thursday

Time: 2pm - 3pm UTC | 5pm - 6pm Nairobi | 7:30pm - 8:30pm IST | 4pm - 5pm Cape Town | 9am - 10am Boston | 6am - 7am Seattle.

Click here to register and join the meeting. It’s free of charge!!

Missed session 1 and 2, we’ve got you - Session 1 recording and Session 2 recording.

Want more background on what prompted this 5-part orientation series; visit here.

No idea what the OpenMRS Fellowship Program is all about; check this out.

See you there!


@erica is there a recording for session 3? It has not been updated on the wiki.


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Hello @mherman22 , yes yes there is a session 3 recording. Thank you for asking about it :smiley:Will also have it updated in the wiki. I hope to see you in session 4 coming up on Thursday 8th Dec (Talk post will be out before then). Meanwhile, have a lovely day

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most definitely!

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:dancer: hooray… see you there