2022-11-01: Eval Squad Call: Spotlight on Indicators

Hi everyone,

At this Tuesday’s Evaluation Squad meeting, we thought we’d dive into indicators - specifically, system use indictors.

To kick things off, Debbie Munson has started to pull together some initial ideas and proposed indicators - along with a few key questions for us to dive into:

  • How would these data be visualized or put into a dashboard?
  • What do we expect to change (statistically speaking to show a true difference)?
  • Let’s refine these KPIs (what are numerators and denominators)? How do the KPIs match with the what do we want to know? How can we make these practical and in-line with what’s possible to measure?
  • How can we partner with the Analytics Squad and/or others in the community as part of the implementation?

When: 6:30pm IST | 4pm Nairobi | 3pm Cape Town | 1pm UTC | 9am Boston | 6am Seattle

Where: Launch Meeting - Zoom

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