2021-07-29: Microfrontends Squad Call

Friendly reminder about our MF Squad call this Thursday at 5pm CET / 6pm EAT / 8:30pm IST / 11am EDT at https://www.om.rs/zoommf

FYI there are 3 things I will be proposing on our call together this Thursday.

  1. Changing the future squad call times to be 2hrs earlier (i.e. 4pm EAT instead of 6pm EAT)
  2. Changing the squad name from “MF Squad” to “3.0 Squad” (since we’ve kind of surpassed just MFE architecture as the squad’s focus, and 3.0 will be clearer for all parties)
  3. Using om.rs/mfboard as our source of truth for what’s going on & who’s doing what these days

I’d also like to check in about any 3.0-related backend needs folks are running into - e.g. I keep hearing that different folks are having issues with the cohort module and it sounds like there are at least 2 different work-arounds happening behind the scenes at the moment. Would be good to discuss.

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+1 and added to my bookmarks.

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