2021-07-29: Analytics Engine Call: Discussion with Jembi

Hi everyone, friendly reminder about our Analytics Engine Squad call this Thursday at Launch Meeting - Zoom at 4pm CET / 5pm EAT / 10am EDT.

Special focus this week: Developers from Jembi Health Systems will be joining to discuss how to align some of their related work. Topics:

  • A full technical deep dive of the current solution with Q & A
  • A summary of the intended users of this solution
  • Future plans for the development and roadmap
  • Other options considered
  • How can we collaborate or at least share knowledge going forward

In case you missed Jembi’s presentation on DISI (a very large CDC-funded data integration initiative going on right now) and how this connects to the FHIR and Analytics work, it might be helpful to review their presentation on DISI and these architectural diagrams. Basically, it’s very closely related to the PLIR and SHR work in a number of ways.