2021-07-27: PM Team Call

Here’s what’s happening on the PM Team Call right now (it was left optional today):

  • On the PM Call right now with Suruchi; we tried to do the PM Dashboard review but we are locked out of Jira due to the login issue Daud already caught; pending support in #infra.

  • All platform tests passing in the QA Dashboard; Bamboo shows the Platform 2.4 failing but it was last run 2 weeks ago; set it to re-run now.

  • Both BDD and Legacy RefApp 2.x Frontend tests are failing only in Chrome; seems there is a login test issue? Anyone know how to address?

@kdaud is following this and BDD + Legacy RefApp 2.x Frontend tests will soon be green once our servers are up!

Not sure about this! @ibacher @sharif any idea on this?

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Sure we are looking into the failures probably before today we might have something working , we have slight issue to rectify and things get working perfect


We might need to temporarily ignore that specific test [FormTest] that is causing alarm in master branch as further investigation is being done. cc: @ibacher

Thank you!!

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We need to first clearly check what causes the problem with the server that spin up the dockerised refapp instance ,because it seem to be server throws these unncessary errors , Looking into this thanks

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RefApp 2.x Frontend Tests are now passing!

Legacy Selenium Test & BDD Tests

Platform Core

cc: @sharif @grace @dkayiwa @ibacher


Thank you Daud! So great to see that Dashboard being used regularly <3 <3 <3

BTW what did the issue end up being in the end? Anything in particular?

We had a test in distro-referenceapplication master FormTest that was causing the alarm in UI and by default when UI fails the build the failure is extended to OpenMRS QA Framework. We temporarily ignored the test as further investigation is being done. @sharif is looking into it and soon the test will be back into master.

Ah okay thank you Daud for this clear answer. So the issue isn’t fixed yet, just ignored. Thanks to Sharif for looking into this.

The test will be back into master soon. @sharif is looking into it!

Thanks @sharif who already resolved this for RATEST-74: Resurrecting FormTest into master builds !

cc: @dkayiwa @grace @ibacher @insookwa