2021-05-07: Technical Action Committee (TAC)

Our next TAC call this coming Friday is packed with interesting items so I’m posting the announcement extra early!

When: Friday at 10am EDT / 7am PDT / 5pm EAT / 4pm CET / 2pm UTC

Where: om.rs/zoomtac


  • Demo of Global, Automated OpenMRS QA Dashboard (10 mins) (@k.joseph)
    • Spoiler: This will show us the future of easily seeing the status of our automated tests across all major OpenMRS projects :tada:
  • Backend Support for Point of Care Workflows (40 mins) / how can we leverage Program Workflow States (@eudson & Fitti Weissglas)
  • Iniz and i18n messages (10 mins): Loading metadata display names from a Spring message source (@ibacher @mksd)
Notes and Previous Recordings: https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/RES/Technical+Action+Committee+Notes
CC: @burke @mksd @mksrom @ibacher @k.joseph @ccwhite23 @dkayiwa @wanyee @janflowers @ssmusoke @jdick @aojwang @morrisng @mogoodrich @mseaton @bistenes & please CC others you think would be interested.

@grace is it possible to get the links away from Slack, looking at the Background Info for Point of Care Workflows link

Additional teaser/info about the Backend Support for POC Workflows discussion topic:

We’ll discuss backend changes to support Point of Care Workflows → i.e. how to leverage Program Workflow States & the existing datamodel; and, make sure we can connect this datamodel to encounters.


  • Requirements doc attached here; this is a thoughtful draft that describes what OHRI is likely to need (thanks to Fitti Weissglas for this)
  • Would be great to have this solution embedded in OMRS 3 w/ flow to transition workflows etc.
  • We do have a history of modules created where an obs would unlock specific state transitions. But need to address encounter -based workflow needs. Either Patient Program or Patient State.
  • Looks very similar to workflow PIH needed in Malawi & found a way to implement.

Looking forward to welcoming Fitti & @eudson to the TAC call this week to unpack this together.HOME-HTSPOCStations-230421-1355 (3).pdf (27.6 KB)

@ssmusoke I just needed a moment to also get the details added here too. Referred to slack to remind people that we’d already introduced this on the TAC call a week ago and I’d shared the document/context around there as I promised to do on that call :slight_smile:

If the above additional context isn’t enough, please please add further details you think would be helpful! Would love to see you on the call on Friday too since I’m 100% sure you’ve been thinking about this a lot.

@grace Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to make the TAC call this week (or next). Hopefully @mksd and I can sort things out asynchronously.