2021-03-15: 3.0 Architecture Practical Session for Devs

Next week on Monday March 15 we’ll have a a practical session where attendees will be able to gain experience using the updated extensions system and MFE architecture.

This is in follow-up to the 2021-03-08: Microfrontend Architecture Update Session

Practical Session Time

Monday March 15, at 4pm UTC | 5pm CET | 6pm CAT | 7pm EAT | 11am EST | 8am PST



GCal Link here

How to prepare

You should have reviewed the March 8th Architecture Update session here: Microfrontend Meeting - Indiana University

You should also be up to date with how we’ve been using extensions so far.To learn more, see these very quick guides:

We’ll look forward to seeing you there! Thanks @florianrappl for facilitating this important work.


Thanks @grace . What will be the Nairobi time please?

its this @settix

Thanks @herbert24 . I will endeavor to attend.

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Here’s the recording of the session today:

Repo (tasks):

Repo (solutions):

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@grace Thanks. It was a good experience. I was able to learn some concepts. we need more workshops of this kind.

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Thanks so much @settix, it’s really nice to hear this feedback! What was especially helpful about this session? It would be good to hear this so we can do more of this in the future :slight_smile:

Hi @grace. Personally I thought the practical session was organized for me. I was working on a ticket about adding an app-nav button and the options should be driven from extension slots. This is was very confusing for me. With the work shop yesterday I now started understanding a lot of things. This a great way to get started for newbies like me :grinning:


That’s wonderful to hear! Thank you so much @joachimjunior for this helpful feedback, I will share this with @florianrappl as well :slight_smile:

@grace I am sorry for a late response. As a learner, it was very timely on my side to have my theory being converted into reality. Before the workshop I had endeavored to watch the previous session’s recording and to go through the guides that you posted here. And so it was nice to see how a new page can be created and the slots plus extensions fitted in place. I was so much encouraged and I will be claiming a ticket soon, though I still have a lot to learn.

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Great feedback, thanks so much Settimba!

You are welcome Grace.

@grace @jennifer @herbert24 there is no update regarding the Seminar for GSoC which was expected on Friday. Is there any change in the dates?

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next week on Wednesday, we shall make the announcement

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Thanks for informing @herbert24 !