2021-02-25: Developer/QA Stages Review

In an effort to move our conversation about updating our Developer Stages forward, @k.joseph, @mozzy, @dkayiwa and I have been taking a couple of hours each week to focus on a couple omrs and dev stage areas or skills - most recently around ETL and reporting.

This week, we’d like to begin exploring skills and expectations for quality assurance. Our aim? To begin drafting QA stages, something that comes up every now and then with our QA Support Team.

Who? Anyone in the community is welcome to join us - and especially @grace, @christine, and other QA nerds.

When? Thursday, 25 February at 11:30pm IST | 9pm Nairobi | 8pm Cape Town | 6pm UTC | 1pm Boston | 10am Seattle

Where? Launch Meeting - Zoom


I want to access the room but missing the Meeting ID. Have tried 395793894 but its not working out

meeting passcode= 1 using same link

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