2021-02-10: OCL Squad Call: QA plan for our next release, clarifying next roadmap steps

Agenda items:

  • Updates: Open to all. Export functionality planning updates.
  • Divvy-up our immediate QA plan
    • For Release: Need to share work for manual QA of current OCLOMRS Staging environment
    • For the API2 upgrade: Need to share work for manual QA of API2 qa environment
  • GSOC Projects?
    • E.g. Could we use a GSOC project to help Andy/CIEL, such as with scrips to fix All-Caps issues?
  • Clarify plan to unblock customization needs with FHIR terminology
  • Clarify plan to include ICD 10+, SNOMED in our Sources?
  • Look at Roadmap. Missing: Diff Checks.

When : Wednesday 7:30pm IST | 5pm EAT | 4pm CET | 2pm UTC | 9am EST | 6am PST

Where : Join from computer or mobile: om.rs/zoomocl

Notes : OCL for OpenMRS Weekly Meetings - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki

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