2021-02-10: Microfrontend Squad Weekly call: Demos, new tickets up for grabs, new Desktop prototype Designs!

Friendly reminder: Our next Microfrontend Squad call is this Thursday at 4pm UTC / 9:30pm IST/ 7pm EAT / 5pm CET / 11am EST / 8am PST.

:calling: Join info: https://om.rs/zoommf

What Happens On These Calls:

  1. Dev Demo : latest work done (if it’s the end of a sprint, we also do the full sprint demo)
  2. Dev Discussion : Any blockers or things to clarify
  3. Product Priorities : We clarify any epics or issues that need more ownership or to be prioritized
  4. Design Updates : We wrap up by looking together at the latest design work, so we know what designs are soon to be ready for development :tada:

A couple particular questions came up this week that would be nice to review as well:

  • Any devs blocked?
  • Setting up demo3.openmrs.org and qa3.openmrs.org → How do we get this done? Who? Server setup?
  • What else does the MFE work need from FHIR module / API gaps
  • How to set Active Visit in the UI so that extensions can easily know which visit is active?

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