2021-02-10: Google Technical Writer One Class

This Wednesday, Google will be holding its next Technical Writer One class

Pre-class Google has developed some materials to work through on your own, before you join the live class. Click here to find and work through the materials. This should take 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Who should take this course? Anyone in the community who wants to improve their technical writing skills. If you are a software engineer, a computer science student, or have an engineering-adjacent role (such as product manager), then this course are for you! No registration is necessary.

What Technical Writing One , which covers the critical basics of technical writing.

When: 9pm IST | 6:30pm Nairobi | 5:30pm Cape Town | 3:30pm UTC | 10:30am Boston | 7:30am Seattle

Where: Click here to join the class


Got problem with joining the class. Attempting to join through the link provided would through an exception with a massage
You can’t join this call.
Some one in the call denied your request to join

This is a Google class run by volunteer facilitators, so I can’t really speak to why they denied your request to join. Did you try to join at the start of the call or partway through the session?

It joined in the pathway (20 minutes late), I had other commitment and I couldn’t join in time. May be it was the reason why I was denied