2021-02-09: QA Team Call

Friendly reminder: Our QA Support Team call is today and on every Tuesday 10:30pm IST | 8pm Nairobi | 7pm Cape Town | 5pm UTC | 12pm Boston | 9am Seattle .

Link: http://www.uberconference.com/openmrs

Notes: 2021-02-09: QA Support Team Meeting Notes - Google Docs

All community members are welcome to join the call and be a part of the team that sets up the QA framework for the community.

Looking forward to hearing technical progress updates from @k.joseph and @dkayiwa, and to welcoming our new volunteer members!

@christine @jennifer @janflowers @k.joseph @dkayiwa @herbert24 @gracebish @tendomart @irenyak1 @kdaud


Change of plans - we are using Zoom instead of uber.

Call link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Having difficulty joining zoom? Try using the app on your device. If that doesn’t work and you need to use the browser, try using zoom.us/join directly. If you create an account and log into Zoom, it lets you connect to the Meeting ID: 895 298 620 after entering 1 as the passcode. (edited)


I failed to stay on the uberconference call. My network kept throwing me out of the call.

next time you will need to be behind a virtual private network to stay on uberconference until the Ugandan gov’t reactivates the many sites it’s now holding for political situation management reasons

I think from this point on we should use Zoom for our QA calls, at least for the next few weeks, so that our colleagues in Uganda don’t face so many problems. Does that work for you @k.joseph @irenyak1?


it does work for me pretty well

I hate uberconference calls because they cannot run on phone (In Africa). So whenever am not on my computer, i miss them.


how about OpenMRS trying moving calls off uberconference for now as we wait for Uganda to develop!

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i vouch for zoom :+1:

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Connecting to the room through uberconference site couldn’t succeed. I also agree with switching to zoom.
@grace @k.joseph can we get a review of what transpired in the meeting in case it was recorded, it could be great for members like me who failed to connect but wanted to attend in person

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Sure @grace that will work pretty well for me.


Thanks everyone! OK, it’s decided - for the near future, let’s just plan to use Zoom. In fact we even have a short link for the zoom chat: om.rs/zoomqa :slight_smile: Updated our calendar event and our QA team wiki page. (FYI @christine)


Notes from the QA Team Call this week

Thank you everyone who joined (and those of you listening to the recordings)! What a great conversation we had.

Key Points

  • Coming next week: @k.joseph is going to show us the automated Login Test in both Selenium and Cypress, so we can compare these two tools.
  • Coming next week: @k.joseph and @grace will share an overview of the QA team processes we’re going to be trialing out together as a team, from how tests are described, to automated, to reported.
  • Discussed our goal: 90%+ coverage of the RefApp with automated frontend tests :tada:
  • Kaweesi shared progress on working towards this goal using cucumber; as well as some maintenance complexity that has come up with Selenium
  • Daniel mentioned some ideas on how we could build some more automated checks into our PR submission process, to save reviewers time and give devs faster feedback when they push code.
  • A free virtual QA conference is coming up in March; Grace will be attending and encourages others to check it out too :slight_smile: https://qa.geekle.us/
  • OpenHIE Summit happened last week; learned that OMRS and Instant OpenHIE are the main groups in the Global Goods world trialing practical use of Gherkin & Cucumber. We’ll have a lot of helpful experiences to share with our Global Goods colleagues :slight_smile:

Next week we can walk through the end-to-end process from requesting a test all the way to implementing it in Cypress/Selenium and then seeing the result.


See 2021-02-09: QA Support Team Meeting Notes - Google Docs


Recording part 1 - General Updates (~15 mins): https://www.uberconference.com/getmp3/AMIfv97xnflTvxS1wri2iR-7JazaYb0NsuorhbWgcDOXU7UEi_H7iBYGNaWTAkmy2PwbhcaiHwm3jR-XBMGMioNnmTmOJzE8iBRWUGbNHQBsCej7OTDE320LE_JbfVjpku0ZR3yErSBHbbQK50ovL6CwNOegzPLybg.mp3

Recording part 2 - Technical Updates & Technical Work discussion (this is when we switched over to using Zoom due to technical difficulties):


Thanks @grace for the updates. I have registered for the conference.

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Thanks @grace for sharing this very important information for people who missed out due to technical issues.
I wanna say that presenting a work flow chart and including it in our documentation will be awesome for new members to understand the QA Process. Currently am finding simple to figure things with the technical work though making a decision on which tool to work with Selenium Vs Cypruss will be great help!
Am interested to join @grace and @k.joseph in documenting the work flow process as well and any activity that could be present to work on though am currently new to QA But I can be of help as well


Thanks @grace for sharing the updates. And thank you for the option of zoom versus Uber. I am new and I have been trying to join the meetings but in vain. I hope with zoom, we will be able to participate in the forthcoming meetings.


Wow this is all great news everyone, thank you!

Wonderful news Grace! We’ll learn together. Will be really nice to have someone to debrief with. :fist:

@kdaud that’s excellent. Would you be willing to demo your latest work to the QA Team on our zoom call next week? It would be helpful to understand the learning journey you’ve gone through, what was clear vs what wasn’t so clear. We could all learn from this. @k.joseph mentioned we’d like to improve our overall QA onboarding documentation so this would also help inform how we update those materials.

@settix wow I had no idea you were blocked from joining us due to Uber issues! Glad we’ve resolved that. We’ll look forward to e-meeting you next week!

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:rofl: :blush:

Certainly I will! Presenting so far what have done with QA will be awesome!

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@kdaud, i am just stuck on level 3 of QA. I have been reading about selenium and how to install a web driver. Could you kindly guide me on how to move a step further?

c.c. @k.joseph, @grace

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