2021-01-21: Analytics Engine Squad weekly call: Data Generation Demos and Spark query demo

Friendly reminder: Our next Analytics Squad call is this Thursday at 3pm UTC / 8:30pm IST/ 6pm EAT / 4pm CET / 10am EST / 7am PST.

:calling: Join info: https://om.rs/zoomaes Having difficulty joining zoom? Try using zoom.us/join directly. If you create an account and log into Zoom, it lets you connect to the Analytics meeting code 94119314896 after entering 1 as the passcode.

:link: Link to meeting notes page


  • @ibacher to demo a representative data generation project! :tada: It’s creating representative patient info, from names and birth dates all the way to HIV viral loads.
  • @bashir to demo the Jupyter notebook for developing Spark queries
  • (if time/interest) @grace and @jdick to demo Colab notebook for auto generating and POSTing random lab results that trend over time
  • Any other items I’ve missed, @akimaina or @mozzy?

Looking forward to seeing you there! @akimaina @bashir @aojwang @ibacher @dkayiwa @wanyee @spkabugo1 @jayasanka @insookwa @wyclif @aojwang @ccwhite23 @willa

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