2021-01-20 Design Forum: Tracking Website and Wiki Use via Google Analytics

We’ll be using today’s Design Forum to update our Google Analytics tags. This means a) identifying the pages we want to track and b) confirming/updating their GA tags.

Who: Anyone who is interested in helping us use community data to tell our story and generating a meaningful Google Analytics report. @grace @zuzanna @jslawinski @burke

When: Wednesday, 20 January at 12:30am IST | 10pm Nairobi | 9pm Cape Town | 7pm UTC | 2pm Boston | 11am Seattle

Where: Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:


Join by phone: +16699006833,808207890# Passcode 1

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I’ll be there! :tada:

Thanks, @grace and @dkayiwa, for joining me earlier today.


  • We’re interested in data that will tell us about the people visiting specific community and product sites - and their behavior. We want to get an idea of the number of people who are discovering and learning about OpenMRS and our resources, how many of them take additional steps towards becoming active users or community members (downloads, Talk IDs, getting started guides, product dashboard, etc)
  • We reviewed the pages that are currently have a GA tag, from the website to Talk to the Wiki.
  • We ran multiple report views and identified two that show the general flow of people through all of our sites and through our website in particular.
  • We dove into the Wiki behavior flow, which raised a lot of questions. We agreed that we need to look into this in greater depth - once we have a concrete idea of what we want to track when it comes to the Wiki.

Action for the short term (January)

  • Add these two reports to a new Community Health Dashboard on the Wiki, along with Annual Report/Quarterly Data

@zuzanna please let us know if you have questions about the reports. We can always dive into Google Analytics during next Monday’s Design Forum if needed.

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Hey @jennifer Sorry for my absence last time :frowning:

Have you already repaired and add the tag to each site which you want to track? Is something I can help you with?

Hi @zuzanna!

We went through the existing tags and reports to make sure we had the right pages tagged. The website is taken care of, so we think the website report is good to go. I know this is of particular interest to you, so let us know if that report has what you are looking for.

We haven’t finished with the Wiki and will probably re-visit that once we make some additional progress around a framework and metrics.

the best will be to paste the tag on every page, cause if you don’t do that you might have some issues with unclear or missing data. Of course, it can be done in the future, just have it in the back of your head.

For me, Bounce Rate will be also very interesting as much as a number of sessions compared to a number of clicks. You should find it on the “wall” of your Analytics.

Good to see that work is moving and at some time we will be able to see statistics from the whole website and decide which ones need improvement. Thanks, @jennifer, @grace and @dkayiwa for your work and involvement.

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100% agreed.

  • I’ve gone through openmrs.org and confirmed that the expected tracking code is on every single page (with a few exceptions noted below)
  • Confirmed the tag was added to our Discourse instance (which powers our Talk forum)
  • Confirmed the tag was added to our Technology Radar webapp
  • The was no tag in our AddOns webapp (addons.openmrs.org) where people actually find and download the modules, so we’ve added that a week ago and re-released the production webapp to include the tag. Strangely however, we had already been getting some traffic data. I’m assuming this was thanks to the fact that our website openmrs.org had the tag, so we were capturing traffic coming through the website. @zuzanna do you think that sounds correct?

To be confirmed:

  • Wiki and Jira (wiki.openmrs.org and issues.openmrs.org) - I’m still trying to find out how to confirm we have the tags added to these Atlassian products (which we self-host rather than using their cloud offering which makes their support forums a little less relevant). Will confirm ASAP. Once again, I’m confused about why we seem to have some existing traffic data for these, and I’m assuming it’s because of traffic from the domain openmrs.org, but the numbers don’t really add up.

  • GitHub: (OpenMRS · GitHub) To confirm there’s a tag (though as with the Wiki and Jira, we are also getting data about GitHub traffic)

  • Bamboo (Build dashboard - OpenMRS Bamboo) Not a huge priority, but this could also be confirmed

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Hey @jennifer Did you find time to look at statistics which I talk about and publish them? ex. bounce rate or time per each session?

@jennifer @grace @burke The published reports do not have too much value. Do you have any ETA when you will publish the valuable data? January passed surprisingly quickly and we still didn’t see what you promised.

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Hey Zuzanna, maybe we can look in GA together today in the design call?

Now that we’ve done the deep-dive to confirm the GA tags seem to be working correctly in the major expected places, we now have way more trust in the GA data. Before that we weren’t sure that it was a good reflection of reality and could have been misleading. But it looks like the tags should all have been working fine at least for our main website.

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@zuzanna, those reports were from the GA dashboards we looked at together in December. Let’s take another look during our design call today to confirm that the settings + view lead to a dashboard report that meets everyone’s needs.

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@zuzanna and @jslawinski, here are some other report view options for our website and then for all OpenMRS sites (website, Wiki, Talk, etc). @zuzanna, these include the bounce rate.

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Thank you @jennifer. That statistics satisfy me :sweat_smile: