2020-12-16: OCL Squad Call

Friendly reminder about our OCL for OpenMRS Squad call this week.

Our Main Mission: Finish our discussion on next steps to make the product useable for PIH and bigger sites, using this metroretro board: https://metroretro.io/board/LBBZQLL89BLS

Notes : https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/projects/OCL+for+OpenMRS+Weekly+Meetings

When : Wednesday 7:30pm IST | 5pm Nairobi | 4pm Cape Town | 2pm UTC | 9am Boston | 6am Seattle

Where : Join from computer or mobile: om.rs/zoomocl

@paynejd @dkayiwa @ibacher @burke @ball @michaelbontyes @muhima08 @mogoodrich @akanter @tendomart @kirity @swedhan @insookwa @jwnasambu @tendomart @suruchi