2020-11-04 COVID Squad Call & DHIS2 Updates

Hi Community, Here are the updates discussed on today’s COVID-19 Squad call:

Additional detailed notes available here: https://notes.openmrs.org/covidsquad2020


Thanks, @grace! :blush:

it was nice to meet you and your team

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Nice to e-meet you as well @bawanthathilan and @piumal1999 :slight_smile:

Here are the links we shared with you on the call:


Thank you @grace

@dkayiwa we noticed there are some content/text updates we should do to the Add-Ons page to make better info available for implementers (especially as we widely promote this page over the next few days). Could you help us update these fields (or if it’s something I can do, feel free to tell me where I can edit it)?

Here’s the info we’d like to update:

  • Requirements: Reporting Rest Module, Rest Module, and Reporting Module
  • Platform Requirement: 1.11 and above
  • Description: This module posts aggregate data from OpenMRS to DHIS2, and gives implementers a User Interface for an easier-to-set-up OMRS to DHIS2 pipeline, that doesn’t need manual code fixes every time there’s a change to reporting indicators. Includes a Mapping Tool UI, the ability to automatically send data to DHIS2 right away or on a schedule, and to map exports so that you can re-use your mapping work across sites.

@grace is this what you are looking for? https://addons.openmrs.org/show/org.openmrs.module.dhismodule

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So much better! Thanks so much @dkayiwa - I see you even added more detail about the module requirements; thank you for doing that. :bouquet:

@jayasanka does that description look okay, or have I misrepresented anything?