2020-05-20: Design Forum: How To Organize OpenMRS Outreach Guide

This design call is to explore the best way to organize an outreach to sensitize the targeted community about OpenMRS. An Outreach is a predetermined visit executed by a member or members of OpenMRS focused on interesting the intended audience into contributing in different ways to OpenMRS. We will explore:

  • Who should organize or get involved in an outreach.
  • What components ( e.g. information, other material) should be shared in an outreach.
  • How should an outreach be conducted?
  • When or how often should these outreaches be organized?

Input from this Design Forum will be included in a guide.

Who: Anyone in the community with an interest in or an opinion about how we conduct outreach. @jennifer @jwnasambu @gracebish @dkayiwa @ssmusoke @loisnaki

When: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 Time: 11:30pm IST | 9pm Nairobi | 8pm Cape Town | 6pm UTC | 1pm Boston | 11am Seattle*

Where: Audio, Chat, & Screen Sharing (latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or other WebRTC-compatible browser): http://www.uberconference.com/openmrs

Audio Only (Telephone or your favorite VoIP client): • Toll-free (United States): +1 (888) 510-4073 • International: +1 (201) 479-2055 View a list of local access phone numbers for various countries . After dialing, when prompted enter meeting number 888-510-4073.


I will be part of this call tomorrow at 9pm.

Here is the recording for this Design Forum - and a link to the notes.

Thanks for the great discussion and I’m looking forward to the next iteration of the Outreach Guide!