2020-04-01: COVID-19 Response Call

Please join us for our weekly check in on our COVID-19 Response.

Here are items on our agenda:

  • Country/implementation updates (Haiti, Kenya, Uganda, Nepal, plus)
  • Sprint check in
  • What’s next: Additional forms? Reporting? DHIS2? SORMAS?

Please feel free to suggest any additional agenda items!

Who: @terry @hamish @ibacher @akanter @mozzy @sanjayap @wanyee @ssmusoke @dkayiwa @aojwang @lober @jdick @christine @paulamendola @maryrocheleau and anyone else in the community interested in our COVID-19 Response

When: Wednesday, April 1 at 9:30pm IST | 7pm Nairobi | 6pm Cape Town | 4pm UTC | 12pm Boston | 9am Seattle

Where: Audio, Chat, & Screen Sharing (latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or other WebRTC-compatible browser): http://www.uberconference.com/openmrs

Audio Only (Telephone or your favorite VoIP client): • Toll-free (United States): +1 (888) 510-4073 • International: +1 (201) 479-2055 View a list of local access phone numbers for various countries . After dialing, when prompted enter meeting number 888-510-4073.


Sorry I had a conflict. I’ll want to review the recording ASAP. I am in the process of finalizing a new CIEL release to include the most recent requests including from PIH, changes to LOINC codes and new ICD-10 codes. I am putting this into the spreadsheet at the same time I am adding them to CIEL.

A few highlights from today’s meeting:

  • Nepal worked with clinical teams on a screening form in NepalEHR
  • In Kenya, OpenMRS is one of the core systems that will be used by the MOH in their response.
  • Cross-border collaboration between Kenya and Uganda is gaining strength
  • In the US, Indiana is using OpenMRS for disaster management
  • @ibacher shared a demo site with two of the forms under development in our current sprint.
  • @wanyee @paulamendola will connect with @ibacher and others via #projects:covid-19 on Talk and our #covid-19 Slack channel to discuss our plan for interfacing with DHIS2.

For more details and the call recording, here is a link to the notes from today’s meeting.

I also updated the COVID-19 Response project page on the Wiki, including links to all meeting notes (including recording links) to date.


Mind putting this call on the OpenMRS calendar? :slight_smile:

@ibacher, login information for the demo site?

Standard OpenMRS admin login.

Thanks, Ian. Wasn’t sure how I should view the forms. I think I figured out via HTML form entry.

Soon, they’ll be viewable from an actual patient too…

Thank you @jennifer for the highlights I missed the call but the notes and recording really helped. I agree with @dkayiwa can the subsequent schedules be added on the OpenMRS calendar?

Okay - this should now be a weekly meeting on the OpenMRS calendar. If you don’t see it, please let me know!