2019 Bahmni Roadmap.

Hello Everyone;

We are embarking on another round of coming up with a roadmap for this year 2019 which will happen throughout the month of March 2019. We are currently aiming at coming up with 3 releases for this year’s roadmap, namely 0.93, 0.94 and 0.95.

As we commence the process we would like to welcome you all to have look at our feature board here and if there is a feature that is missing, proceed to propose the feature and submit for review. If the feature is already on the board, then you do not need to have it readded. The process of proposing a feature for review can be found here.

The formulation of this year’s roadmap will be bit different from the proposed process in the following ways:

  • The product architecture Team(PAT) will start by reviewing the 0.92 and 0.93 features which were previously slotted for the 2018 roadmap but have not been implemented and slot them for the 2019 Roadmap.
  • The PAT team will also review and slot all the other features that were previously reviewed but not slotted on the 2018 Roadmap.
  • Any added feature or bug fix on Jira that has been done by the implementing partners will also be reviewed and slotted for this year’s roadmap.
  • The PAT team will also review any other proposed feature and slot it as required.

The review feature process will take place every Wednesday during the PAT call at 5:00 pm EAT, 7:30 pm IST and 2:00 pm UTC. Please plan to join the call to take part in the review process. The first review call will start this week Wednesday 6th March 2019. All are welcome. Below are the call in details:

Zoom meeting. Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:[ https://thoughtworks.zoom.us/j/255788233

If you have any questions about the process, please reach out to @angshuonline or @christine.

Thank you.


The link for the zoom link is : https://thoughtworks.zoom.us/j/255788233

Please find feature review discussions here.