2019-03-21 Community/Strategy Discussion: Facilitating Project Contributions and Collaboration

This week’s strategy discussion is really the beginning of a larger conversation about how our community can make collaboration easier. We’ll start by looking at how we organize and share information about emerging and ongoing projects.

We’ll also touch base on the latest updates around the direction OpenMRS 3.0 has taken. If you have not already seen Burke’s post about our amazing future, I encourage you to do so ahead of this Thursday’s meeting.

We continue to try different ways to make these conversations happen synchronously and asynchronously. If you can’t make the meeting this week, please reply to this thread with any initial comments or questions - then keep an eye out for related Talk/Office Hours discussions and join in the fun.

Here are the usual meeting details:

Agenda/notes: https://notes.openmrs.org/2019-03-21-Strategy-and-Operations

Time: 9:30pm IST/7pm Nairobi/6pm Cape Town/4pm Accra/12pm Boston/9am Seattle

To join the call by phone, dial +1-888-510-4073. To join the call using Audio, Chat, & Screen Sharing please use a compatible browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) and go to: http://www.uberconference.com/openmrs

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Sorry I won’t be able to join. I posted some additional thoughts of next steps here.

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Thanks Jen.

Not to add more work to you but is there a way you can include a meeting invite that updates our calendars associated with preferred email address?


Hi Steve!

I can add a notification to the event on our main OpenMRS Google calendar - the downside being that it may then be added for everyone.

Another possibility: if you subscribe to the OpenMRS calendar, then I think you can set the notifications yourself.

Anyone else have ideas or suggestions?

Thanks Jen, I’ve subscribed to the Cal, that’s easier.