2017 UgandaEMR Bootcamp, Kampala, Uganda

The Uganda Ministry of Health with support from OpenMRS and METS Program has organized a UgandaEMR Bootcamp scheduled to take place on 20th - 24th November 2017.

Registration for the bootcamp is now open! For more details, kindly visit:

UgandaEMR Bootcamp Registration Page

Below is link to the bootcamp agenda:

Agenda link

Registration is free, but the slots are limited.

Ladies are highly encouraged to register!!

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Way to go guys!


This sounds awesome!

I would have loved to be a part of this, though it appears I do not meet some of the qualifications and I am also from Kenya.

All the best and keep it up!

Wow this is Very good for me. Without question yes i want to attend @jmpango. Thanks.

@irenyak1 Kindly go and register

Oh yes I have done that @jmpango Thanks.

I have registered. thanks.

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Here is coverage of the bootcamp http://mets.or.ug/ugandaemr-bootcamp-2017/

@ssmusoke and the committee thanks for making the ugandaEMR Bootcamp a success and interesting. I learned much.

@ssmusoke and the Team thank you so much for the endless efforts you made to see that we learn a lot in that bootcamp, I for one am very grateful.

Thank y’all METS team for the boot camp,we were greatly enlightened

cc.@ssmusoke cc.@jmpango cc.@carapai cc.@slubwama