2017 OpenMRS Fundraising Calendar

I proposed a ‘Fundraising Calendar’ to the Fundraising Team on last week’s leadership meeting. The goal of this calendar is to guide us on smaller, more consistent fundraising efforts using email campaigns throughout this year.

We’ll be developing our own campaigns highlighting how the OpenMRS community and platform plays a part in combating each epidemic, and how donations will be used in accordance to the General Funds guidelines on our Fundraising Wiki.

We’ll be conducting four email campaigns this year with the following topics for each quarter:

Currently we’re working on the narrative for World Malaria Day and we’d like to have it be informed by the functionality of OpenMRS and our roadmap. @Burke, can you help guide us in this area?

If anyone would like to get involved in these fundraising efforts, please send me a message on Talk and let me know how exactly you’d like to contribute. We’d love to have your input and creativity be put to use as we embark on this effort!