2017-10-11 Quarterly Ecosystem Scrum of Scrums

The next Quarterly Ecosystem Scrum of Scrums will be on Wednesday, October 11 at 13:00 UTC. The format for this call will be for each project to give a 5-10 minute stand up with highlights from the last quarter, upcoming activities, and collaboration opportuntites.

Next step: fill out this google form with your update, before the call.

Times in a few cities:

6am San Francisco 9am New York 4pm Nairobi, Kampala 6:30pm India 9pm China see more

You can also find this call on the Events OpenMRS Calendar.

Reminder: please join us on the Quarterly Ecosystem Scrum of Scrums, 12 hours from now!

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Thanks to all who attended for a great update on work going on in the wider OpenMRS ecosystem!

Notes are at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RoZKx76w4NoQh4sUSIiBfkWhkHGWRZJtqKwPTeKpqcg/edit?usp=sharing

Some general To Dos that came out of this are:

  1. (About the Clinical Workflows, driven by Programs)
  • Everyone to post what they’re working on (in terms of requirements, etc)
  • Followup discussion after this happens
  • Potential role of medical informatics guidance into clinical workflows
  1. Deep dive discussion on Android mobile app (led by or including IHS)

  2. Schedule a public discussion on the state and direction of OCL- terry will f/u with Jon

  3. Moderated discussion on “how to dockerize OpenMRS”

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Thanks, @Darius Jazayerimailto:djazayer■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ for organizing and running a very informative meeting.

It was great to hear all the exciting projects by many colleagues.


i am working on a way to track and identify shared opportunities. Please see this document as one possible tracking mechanism. Comments are appreciated–i don’t think that this is right yet, but i hope that it is on the path. If the file doesn’t load right, please reload it ( i can’t quite figure out what is causing some formatting problems on the first load of this). thanks