2.x Reference Application UI Tests for the Reports Module


The QA support team is currently working on end-user tests that aim at exposing a few reports that are on the OpenMRS platform are accessible on the reference application reports module. The aim of this is to provide an easy way for our end-user access and view reports.

Below is a screenshot of some of the available reports available on OpenMRS:

The team aims to focus on exposing two reports and then proceed to create automated tests for the reporting module. The two reports will be:

  • Number of registrations.
  • Number of visits.

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Thanks @christine , Have aleady seen that we can configure this under reports app for these apps to be present in the system . Here is the screen shot.

What i will be investigating is whether there is already built URL for Number of registration reports and Number of visit reports because i tried it last night and it was breaking


Thank you @sharif for this update.

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Great to see this. We have really needed some kind of reporting demo in our demo environment, and this will also help us demonstrate that switching to a 3.x frontend should have no impact on reports. Good idea and thank you @christine and @sharif for making this happen!