2.10 alpha latest uat build

Hi team, The UI screen letters are overlapping near select service. Please refer to the enclosed screenshot.

UAT link : https://uat-refapp.openmrs.org/openmrs/appointmentschedulingui/manageAppointments.page

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@prapakaran , thanks for discovering this. its a bug. you can create a ticket for it and ping me here , ill make it ready for work

This is related to this https://issues.openmrs.org/projects/RA/issues/RA-1721?filter=allopenissues

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This is a bug like @mozzy has said i will go ahead and create a ticket, however this ticket could have may be solved by the same approach in the above ticket

@sharif, @cintiadr Am i get access for creating Jira ticket. Please let me know the procedure for getting Jira acccess.

Thanks Prapa

Login using your credentials including openmrsID Follow https://issues.openmrs.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa. Are you going to create that RA ticket, if so feel free to ping @mozzy or @sharif thanks

@sharif @mozzy Thanks for the update. I am looking Jira access for my id. In the future, i could raise a ticket or do a code fix. What is the procedure for getting Jira access? Please refer to the enclosed screenshot. It is not allowing to access jira board for my id.

Thanks Prapa

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@prapakaran You need to send a request to the help desk. You can do so here.


@mozzy @sharif Have guys raised the Jira request for the defect? D I need to create one for this.