12-July-2017 Quarterly Ecosystem Scrum Of Scrums

Continuing the discussion from Quarterly Ecosystem Scrum Of Scrums:

Please join us on Wednesday July 12 at 13:00 UTC on https://uberconference.com/openmrs for our second Quarterly Ecosystem Scrum of Scrums.

It’s a time for OpenMRS-related projects to share what they’re doing and to identify areas for collaboration. Read more here. (If you want to speak on the call, you need to fill out this google form in the next 1.5 days.

Times in a few cities:

  • 6am San Francisco
  • 9am New York
  • 4pm Nairobi, Kampala
  • 6:30pm India
  • 9pm China
  • see more

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Remember, join us for the quarterly scrum of scrums in ~14 hours.

Fill out this google form before the call if you have an update to share.

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Notes for this call are at

Thanks to all that presented!

  • I-TECH Haiti Implementation of iSantéPlus
  • mUzima
  • The OpenMRS distribution for Cambodia (Mekom)
  • Partners In Health
  • OpenSRP
  • Bahmni
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Sorry guys i missed this call even when i had it in plan having been caught up somewhere, here is what we have been up-to at @Jembi of recent for OpenMRS.

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