Zayed Sustainability Prize

Zayed Sustainablility Prize is another opportunity for OpenMRS, that we could write together proposal for. Deadline for sending applications is 9th August.

The Zayed Sustainability Prize is a tribute to the legacy of the late founding father of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – a visionary champion of environmental stewardship and global sustainability. This annual award celebrates achievements that are driving impact, innovation and inspiration across five distinct categories: Health, Food, Energy, Water and Global High Schools. Submit your entry today and join a growing community of innovators who are expanding the possibilities for a sustainable future.

There is category for Health solutions:

This prize recognises organisations that can demonstrate innovative, impactful and inspirational solutions. You empower people by giving them access to affordable healthcare. Your organisation is active in improving maternal and newborn health, tackling epidemics and illness from pollution and hazardous chemicals and providing access to basic and affordable healthcare.

You have a clear vision and long-term plan to further deploy your solution and scale up your impact and inspire others to follow suit by furthering that technology or solution. Maybe your organisation is in its early days, but we want to see that it is viable and supported by a clear vision for both the short and long-term future.

To be eligible for this prize, you should be a small or medium-sized enterprise, a social enterprise, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), a non-profit organisation (NPO), or a similar organisation (with revenues of less than US$50million per year).

Only one candidate in each category gets an award, so probably competition will be pretty big and this isn’t going to be easy. Still, I think we should try it - OpenMRS is unique enough project that possibly could catch interest from judges. Moreover, the prize is pretty encouraging - 600.000$.

Here is open-to-edit document, with all the informations that we have to include in our proposal. I’ll try in couple of next days write down everything I can help with, on the basis of content from the OpenMRS website and OpenTalk.

If you have any comments, suggestions - everything would be very appreciated.


@maciej i like the determination, despite the competition. That is how successful people behave! :slight_smile:

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Evaluation Criteria: Innovation - 30% Impact - 50% Inspiration - 20%

I think this form of evaluation is very favorable for OpenMRS, because “Impact” is the most important and there are a lot of successes we can highlight.

Although, I will need some help from community to fill out “Innovation” section. This are the questions we need to answer:

Please outline how you have demonstrated innovation through your solution

Are there any similar solutions that currently exist, that are accessible to your beneficiaries?

Please identify up to 10 things that makes your solution different to that offered by any competitors.

Please expand on how this differentiates your solution

Looking through the various medical articles about OpenMRS I’ve found many text about that OpenMRS is innovative, but almost none of them are telling how and it what ways. I want to highlight the role of community and the way OpenMRS is functioning (as an successful open-source project that have big social impact) as innovations, but maybe you could help me with maybe more technical innovative aspects of the whole project.

Most of the proposal is pretty much completed, but there are still some questions that I can’t answer to. I can’t find the Financial Information for OpenMRS that we need to show in the sheet. Also I’ll need an information about what kind of networking are we interested in.

@janflowers @terry @darius @burke - could you help me with it?

I would like to send this proposal on Tuesday/Wednesday, so it would be great if someone did a check-up on it. There’s nothing technical in it, it’s mosty the Public Relations stuff taken from the website, wiki or Talk topics.

@maciej - I forgot to ask you about what you needed for this to be sent. Can you highlight what financial information you need and I can try and get that from the accountants today?

@maciej http:///u/maciej - I forgot to ask you about what you needed for this to be sent. Can you highlight what financial information you need and I can try and get that from the accountants today?

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Yesterday @terry send request for all the needed financial information to Pamela, so we’ve got this covered.

There are some questions I don’t know the answer to, fortunately they aren’t necessary to send this. But if you know answer to them, maybe we could get some bonus points:

What proportion of the Solution Cost was local content? (in precentage)

To reach this local content percentage, which aspects of the solution were localized? (Afer checking one of it, we have to elaborate how) -Materials manufacturing or assembly for your solution (Plant, Technology, Construction, etc.) -Construction labour -Maintenance and Operations labour -Overall Management -Other

How many jobs have been created as a result of this solution?

What proportion of these are permanent jobs?

Also there are some questions about networking

Would you be interested in working with other finalists or winners?

Do you currently have any operations in the UAE at present?

Are you also looking to raise further Project Equity Investment for a future project?

Would you be willing for these details of your submission to be shared with potential UAE and international investors?

Would you be prepared to travel to the UAE to meet potential investors?

Besides that, we’ve got everything else covered and ready to send. Deadline is tomorrow, end of the day for me (11 PM CEST)

I’ve completed the proposal as best I could and send it. If I get any feedback from the Jury of the prize - I’ll paste it below. Keep your fingers crossed!