Xforms OpenMRS: Not viewing xform entered data in visit page

Platform Version: OpenMRS Platform 1.11.4.

Question: I’ve built a form using Xform technology and add it to the current patient visit. The problem is after submitting the form when clicking the visit to view the encounters happened in this visit, the data entered by my form is not shown.

I’ve noticed in the database that encounter’s visit_id field in NULL and when enter it manually the data is shown, therefore, I’ve created a database element “ENCOUNTER.VISIT_ID” and set the table to “encounter” and the attribute to “visit_id” still no progress.

do you have any thoughts ?

Many thanks.

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No need to modify the form. Did you configure visits on this page? http://demo.openmrs.org/openmrs/admin/visits/configureVisits.list

Hey, thanks for the replay

yes, it was figured. I’ve also tested it on yours devtest site with the same results, I couldn’t test it on the demo site cause I didn’t have privilege to add the Xfrom module.

Please see the following example:
I’ve created xform called “Test xforms Visit id” and added a boolean question (visit the page), and it’s not responding and viewing the entered data on the encounters page.


Best, Anas

What value do you have for the visits configuration page?

It’s basically the same as the demo, the below image:


So sorry for taking your time, much appreciation.

About this issue, do I have to look somewhere else?. Using the default html forms will solve this issue, but I have lots of related concepts and generating them by your Xform is so helpful.

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On the configure visits screen, click the save button. Then try submit a new form.


Thanks for the replay, I’ve tried it, in addition trying in http://devtest02.openmrs.org/openmrs , still no result.

Sorry again.


Are you using the reference application. If yes, which version? If you are not sure of what am asking, just send me a screenshot of the page you are looking at where you expect this data to be shown.


Yes, I’m using Reference Application Module version 2.2, it seems that there is a new version 2.3 for the module recently. I’ve upgraded to it still same results.

Please see the below screenshot. Medical and Surgery forms are both Xforms, when clicking a certain visit from the visit lists on the left, it should shows the form’s entered data like the case in Visit Notes or any other HTML form:

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Looks like whichever value you set in the configure visits page, it is overwritten with a value of “EmrApiVisitAssignmentHandler” on every time you restart. Can you confirm this by clicking save on the configure visits page and then immediately try submit a form to see if you see some encounters in the visit?


Yeah you’re right, I did what you told me and it stored the form information as a new visit, not for the current started visit, so how can we set it right, please see the image below:

Many thanks


Sorry for being so annoying, still trying to figure out a solution for this as it’s important to see what diagnosis have been taken in previous visits.

Much appreciation.

Go ahead and create a ticket for this. https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Tickets