Who should have write access to deploy to our maven repository?

So when deploying an artefact to JFrog, we can configure it to automatically copy artefacts matching a certain REGEX to be deployed to a bintray repository automatically. It used to work, currently not working, but I have hope their support will eventually sort that out.

At this moment, any artefact that is deployed to maven repository ‘modules’ that matches ‘(.)/(.)-omod-([^-]*).(jar|omod)’ would be automatically deployed to Bintray OpenMRS/omod

The options I see are:

  • PIH (and UgandaEMR) are also deployed to bintray OpenMRS/omod. It’s indistinguishable in bintray which modules are community based or for you, and we continue to control permissions to that.
  • We create new bintray repositories in the OpenMRS bintray account/organisation, like ‘omods-pih’ and ‘omods-ugandaemr’. It’s easy to distinguish between modules that community based or not, but permissions and control access still done by us.
  • Each one of you create your own Bintray accounts/repositories. It’s free and you don’t have to host anything, and we configure JFrog to deploy there.
  • Neither of you require bintray at all.

Hard for me to tell which one fits your requirements and our community.

So I was able to configure a couple of our PIH modules to deploy to the the new repos @cintiadr created and everything seems to be working. I’ve created a task in PIH Jira to go through and rework all of our module deployments as needed. As part of this task, we are planning on taking a hard look at the existing modules in PIH Github to see if any are general purpose enough that they could/should be moved to OpenMRS Github, and therefore OpenMRS CI. So our plan would be for each module to either:

  1. Move this module to OpenMRS github, and create a build plan in OpenMRS CI to do the build deploy, or
  2. Make the change listed to the pom.xml for the module so that the job now deploys to the PIH-specific repos

Generally, I think we should have as much as possible in the main OpenMRS repos so that others in the community are aware of their existence.

If we do this, it’s quite possible that we don’t need a PIH Bintray at all… and if we do, I’d be fine with setting up a PIH account, assuming it’s simple. I quickly took a look at getting an artifactory account for PIH and that seems a little more complicated.

Take care, Mark

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