What's the difference btwn Bahmni vs OMRS Medication Handling?

I’ve heard several times recently that there is a disconnect between how OpenMRS handles medications vs how Bahmni is handling medications - and that this keeps rearing its head when we want to work together.

@angshuonline @gsluthra Can you help us understand: What is this difference?

Why I’m asking: (1) to get this clearly documented somewhere, and (2) there is current work ongoing for backend support for Medication Dispensing, so likely a good time to be aware of this discrepancy.

FWIW we do have a backend ticket for addressing hard coded ids for order types (ticket: [TRUNK-5964] Hard-coded uuids for drug order type and test order type - OpenMRS Issues):

OpenMRS has hard-coded uuids in the API service to look up the order type for “Drug Order” and the order type for “Test Order”.

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Bahmni always had order entries (investigations/meds) etc, while ref app didnt. I am hoping O3 would have done some study and analysis of Bahmni’s features, so maybe they would be best to comment.


  1. OpenMRS models does not support “dosage” and “dispensing” information (there are other things as well, like reasons, substitutions, supportinginfo … but ignoring them for now)
  • Bahmni stores dosage as a JSON. and there is an associated processing class that handles this.
  • One good thing to do would be to store a typical FHIR “Dosage” datatype in the JSON. So that everyone speaks the same standard atleast. at the least same approach for dispensing? I would pref a different model for dispensing with ref to the original order
  1. OMRS also has no support for Medication Statement, - record of a medication that is being consumed by a patient! Storing them as obs - simply does not make sense!
  2. In terms of UI, I do not believe that one size fits all - in a mobile app, the interface may be different, in other contexts maybe 0-0-0 formats would be suitable. For chemotherapy calculations and dosing instructions would be different. imho, it doesn’t matter what the UI is, and I would leave it. to contexts to. define so, what we must absolutely agree on - common minimum standards - API, contracts and models!
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