What is the best way to implement observations form in OpenMRS 2x?

For in-patient, there is a form of nurse observation which fill it after every 1 or 2 hours. These observations will be check by doctor during visit. The patient may stay for several day in hospital and continuously the observation form will be filled by nurse. I can desing a form that will be filled by nurse and it will be saved an encounter but how to show it to doctor all the observations in one page or screen like this, Sample Form 1:

Sample Form 2:

Your first form is what we often refer to as a MAR (Medication Administration Record), providing a record of each time a medicine was given to the patient. This can be a useful reference for providers and is often presented in tabular form.

Your observations appear to be vitals and I&Os (inputs and outputs). While a tabular format may be helpful for nurses recording the information, the best systems help doctors by presenting these data in summary form. For example:

T 37 (35 - 37.5), P 80 (68 - 110), R 12 (12 - 18), BP 110/84 (102 - 134 / 64 - 90)
2300 in / 3000 out (-700)

That’s temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, and blood pressure with the current (most recent) value followed by range over past 24 hours in parentheses. For temperature, it’s common to include Tmax (max temperature over the past 24 hours) as well, since this is very useful for clinical decision making.

Ins and outs are typically given as totals either per shift (e.g., 8-hour nursing shift) or, more often, as total over the past 24 hours. It’s helpful to include the “net” value over the past 24 hours too (input - output, where a positive net indicates you put more fluid in then came out over the past 24 hours and a negative net lets you know the patient has lost more fluid than they’ve taken in).

How can I have MAR in OpenMRS 2x? Do I need to design an HTML Form? I haven’t seen a tabular format designed form in openmrs.

I agree the second form is partially exists which is vitals. I should design a new HTML form to record input and output of inpatient.

What will be best approach for following medical order form?

@dkayiwa, @mksd & @arbaughj: Could you please help me how to design above form in HTML Form Entry? They will be presented as tabular format at end of the visit.

Also how can i design an HTML form with multiple drug order(medicine, unit, duration)?

You could perhaps use the <repeat> HFE tag to record multiple obs sets Medical Note / Drug Order / Investigation? This allows to keep repeating a section a finite number of times upon clicking an ‘Add’ button:

Code here for the above diagnosis form.

But to be honest the MAR feature would deserve an actual new feature development of its own, as you must have read elsewhere on Talk.

I also designed the form same like provided example but it is rendered very very slow. How to improve it?

What about stripping out sections one by one to figure out which part exactly causes the slowdown? Perhaps it is the number of repeats. You will have to investigate a little.

The template that dynamically creates the obsgroup repeated causes to make the form load very very slow.

Is it possible to create obsgroup through javascript and just append the html element when user click the add button?

@ball: could you please help me in designing early posted forms using HTML Form Entry module? I have designed and shared my code but it takes so long to open and save.