Welcome to the #OMRS15-hackathon

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(Kaweesi Joseph) #1

Now that many of us are making plans to attend our first world wide summit, we are welcoming as many as will be there and those that can remotely join in to our hackathon to be hosted at the summit venue on Sunday - Monday, 13 - 14 December 2015 after the conference.

OMRS15 Hackathon

Mingle, Learn, Share and Build reality.

Goal: To help community members socialize and learn something new from each other (learn, discuss, and then apply).

During the two day health hacking marathon, we expect various wonderful people of unique talents coming together and working towards solving selected issues and coming up with real world solutions that fulfill our OpenMRS mission, in other-wards we are to save lives throughout the two days via writing, testing, and using code.

Projects we are to work on: We have so-far two projects subject to your vote;

  1. Polishing up REST Web ­Service module
  2. Metadata Mapping enhancements

We are expecting more project suggestions and project votings either by replying here or to this post. Please NOTE: suggestions are welcome only during October after which we shall close and consider the most voted projects.

We are setting up a hackathon environment to cover most of what we plan for this great important event which you can access even now from: http://omrs15-hackathon.devpost.com/ You may as well register with your email address on that platform in addition to your registration at http://omrs15.eventbrite.com/ so that we can keep you updated with all feedback and to help us in planning for this wonderful time that will positively affect the future of our community.

OpenMRS Inc is fully in support & sponsorship of the hackathon and therefore we are looking forward to a colorful successful hacking time where we shall have prizes for winners from the various working teams among several incentives.

Daily program/agenda (open to suggestions)

  • Organizers arrive and set­up hack rooms
  • Opening
  • Previous hack update (#Moz15 hackathon on Sunday/first day, and previous day/Sunday on Monday)
  • Team confirmation.
  • Hacking.
  • Short timed Breaks
  • Surprising schedules; sort of interesting hack experiences, logical jokes from previously registered members etc; kind of the hackathon power-point karaoke.
  • Scrumming/progress updates.
  • Health IT or Medical world updates from registered members during some small breaks,
  • Etc/More suggestions are welcome.

Accepted projects shall be distributed to teams whose daily work timeline is as well still subject to suggestions:

  • Planning.
  • Team programming.
  • Tasks documentation.
  • Coding.
  • Testing.
  • Updates.
  • Etc/More suggestions are welcome.


Planning for the real #omrs15 hacking hours
(Mike Seaton) #2

Perhaps we could bang out the metadata mapping enhancements during the hackathon:



(Willa Mhawila) #3

May be we could work on Sync module also.

(Burke Mamlin) #4

Ideas from 2015-10-08 Dev Forum:

  • @darius suggested “Applications using REST”. Perhaps one team creating a use case for REST and another team providing features/fixes to REST to support them.
  • @burke suggested improving timezone handling in REST (server handling better and/or using a library on client).

(Mikko Suniala) #5

Nice to see people are interested in the Metadata Mapping Module! Here is a quick status update regarding said module.

I started working on the planned new features a while ago. My goal is to implement everything included in Metadata Mapping (Design Page).

Now, I do not how far I can get before the hackathon. Therefore I guess the possible hackathon goals regarding Metadata Mapping would be to continue working on the planned features that I have not managed to implement yet or to start working on some completely new set of features. Does someone have any ideas how we should proceed?

Anyway, I can keep you (who?) updated on my progress. Also, I will try my best to help in planning/coordinating, if required.

(Mike Seaton) #6

@kosmik - Great to hear that this is already moving forward! Let’s create a Talk topic on this project and those of us interested in updates on progress can watch it.

Thanks! Mike

(Mikko Suniala) #7

Here you go:

One idea for the hackathon: Instead of working on the Metadata Mapping Module itself, perhaps a team could work on implementing something that acts as a client to said module? Unfortunately, I must leave it to others to come up with the requirements for such a client.

Do you have a REST app proposal for #omrs-hackathon?
(Kaweesi Joseph) #8

First hacking day As we start the hacking soon; here are a few thoughts on what we are going to spend today working on;

  • We have 16 JIRA tickets ready to be cleared through the two days: https://issues.openmrs.org/issues/?filter=14756
  • We expect to hear from @r0bby soon about his ID dashboard project
  • We need to figure out some few applications to work as a way of demonstrating what devs can do with Rest + Angular
  • Do we have any modules whose Rest resources we can create over a few of the hacking days?
  • Updating Rest Webservice Documentation
  • We have best gifts for each of the members on the best three groups.
  • The judging team will be available tomorrow and that’s when we pass on the gifts.
  • We are forming up teams of 5 members
  • We are getting team leads for each of the teams

Welcome and thanks for signing up for the hackathon.

Happy hacking

(Kaweesi Joseph) #9

Confirmed Project Ideas:

  1. Fixing REST JIRA tickets : TEAM#3
  1. Swagger documentation (To be edited) + some rest tickets
  1. ProgramDashboard module (To be edited) : TEAM#1

(Kaweesi Joseph) #10

omrs15 HACK update: hacking continuing through the lunch break, some hackers are out for lunch continue hacking.

More teams registering and probably more competition.

First Update: TEAM #1

  • Dashboard open webapp, Loaded index page with angular.


  • Fixed Swagger Docs app and setting up stuff.


  • Closed first issue and Setting up stuff.

(Michael Downey) closed #11