Webhook Style Events

Application Name: Reference Application, Bahmni Version Number: 2.3

Question: Is there a module or pattern for implementing a webhook-style outbound HTTP call from OpenMRS? Specifically, I would like to notify another system when a visit is ended such that it could reach back into OpenMRS via FHIR API to retrieve resources.

I see the Atom Feed Module which relies on the Event Module – an atom client could poll that feed for updates, but I was hoping for something slightly more instantaneous.

Thanks for any guidance!

Hi @joshdcollins,

Does the other system need to be responsible for reaching back, or could it be that the FHIR data gets pushed into it as it gets available?

If the latter then I’d just design a Camel route for openmrs-eip that filters for the changed entities that need to get propagated, fetch their FHIR representation, and then push them to the third party system.

This is exactly what we’re working on right now with lab test orders (amongst other things), see for example ‘Posting laboratory service requests to OpenELIS Global’.

Thank you for your response. This may be a bit heavier than I need for my proof of concept (although the correct approach if this is to be used long-term). I’m looking harder into the Atom Feed approach and will post a separate thread with some configuration issues I’m having.