Want some time on an upcoming design call?

This week several people have reached out to get some time scheduled on upcoming design calls. I would like to share the topics brought to my attention, the upcoming open time slots we have available and ask those who would like to schedule topics to respond here. I will need to know what date you would like and then tag any participants you would like to make sure attend.


Schedule 02 - encounter transactions 07 - OPEN 09 - Summit (Cancelled) 14 - Summit (Cancelled) 16 - OPEN 21 - OPEN 23 - OPEN 28 - OPEN 30 - OPEN

Resources in Allergy UI Module

Schedule: 21, 23

important attendees: @darius, @burke

see Questions about resources in Allergy UI module

On the 07th and 16th may be hard to get people on the call as many will travel to and back from the summit. I’m hoping we’ll have all metadata mapping questions answered on the summit, but just to be sure I’d like to secure some 15-30 minutes on 21st or 23rd.

Thank you for responding @jdegraft and @raff. I have added your topics to the design schedule, see below.

Schedule 07 - OPEN (Many traveling to Summit) 09 - Summit (Cancelled) 14 - Summit (Cancelled) 16 - OPEN (Many traveling from Summit) 21 - Metadata Mapping Module - @raff 23 - Resources in Allergy UI Module - @jdegraft, @darius, @burke
28 - OPEN 30 - OPEN

We still have some open design times over the next couple of weeks and into the new year so please post any topic you would like to see on the schedule here.

Can we have some design time to agree on how we shall have modules support platform 2.0 and below? This came up while working on this ticket:

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Do you think this is a 30 min conversation? If so we should have some time on Monday’s call (12/21).

Yes 30 min should be enough!

Great. I will add it to the schedule on Monday.

In case @jteich wants to talk CDS :slight_smile:

Thanks for thinking of me! Not this week, but we will find time early next year, after we’ve had time to aggregate and synthesize some recent CDS conversations at the summit and elsewhere.