UTC time zone for University meetings?

I’d like to make a vote to move the OpenMRS University meetings to UTC time zone, instead of varying combination of US Eastern Standard Time and US Eastern Daylight Saving Time.

Most people who participate aren’t in the US, so observing that time zone for the meeting doesn’t make sense. Also, next Sunday, Daylight Saving Time begins in the US, so the time would effectively shift by an hour for much of the world.

@ssemakadde and others, what do you think?

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@michael I totally agree with you

I will leave the final decision up to you, but if it changes, please kindly update the wiki documentation and make announcements starting with the next event to make sure people are clear about the change. :slight_smile: :clock2:

@michael my final decision is to change to UTC time zone, therefore i will go ahead and change the wiki page to read 9am to 10am UTC, i will also make an official announcement to the community. Is there anything else i need to change or do?

Check to make sure that the new time is reasonable in most places from which people might attend. I’d also make an announcement about the new time and include both the official UTC time and some conversions for key places as example.

http://www.worldtimebuddy.com is a good conversion tool.

Good morning all, @ssemakadde j would like to start attending openmrs university meetings but the thread of the meetings time is really still challenging me. j need your help thanks


Hi @sharif, you can find the times for various community meetings on our OpenMRS calendar. Right now, we do not have any scheduled OpenMRS University sessions planned (though I’m looking into some possibilities for the upcoming months).

When we do have one planned, we’ll announce to Talk with a special thread, much like we do for Design Forums and other weekly meetings.


Thank you so much @jennifer for the updates