Use Mirth as Bahmni ESB

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we are currently facing a project, where a hospital already has an LIS available and want to have it integrated. We are considering using mirth for this job.

This made me wonder, if Mirth could be used for all communication purposes of Bahmni.

  • What obstacles could we meet?
  • Is there anyone with experience in a project like this? I saw there are some use cases, where Mirth was used with OpenMRS.
  • Was it ever considered to replace Bahmni ERP Connect with Mirth?

I am happy for all kinds of inputs!



@bgevam The following are from Bahmni perspective, but maybe equally appropriate for OpenMRS.

ERP is not a replacement for Mirth (now NextGen). If you want to leverage Mirth as HL7 Interface engine, then I would say the following approaches may be suitable for you

  • Connecting Lab Analyzers - you can connect OpenELIS <> Mirth <> Analyzers. I think in Bahmni Ecosystem, both HL7 and ASTM were used in combination with Mirth.
  • Similarly with Radiology, although Dcm4chee, is equally capable of connecting to any Hl7 compliant modality

Connecting via the above approach, has the advantage that when the results are captured, the results/references will automatically flow to the EMR component. In addition, you take advantage of the Lab workflows in the process using ELIS/DCM4CHEE.

Alternatively, just implement a small microservice and interface with Mirth (like you said about ERP Connect). Of course, you will have to build UIs appropriate for Labs (Clinical/Path/Rad) workflows.

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You can follow up here:

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