Updating and expanding our Developer Stages

We’re halfway through our first cycle of OpenMRS Fellows so @k.joseph, @mozzy, and I have been taking a hard look at how we monitor fellows’ progress - and how we can use the dev stages to easily guide their experience. Using the 2021 Dev Stages Worksheet and a Metro Retro board, we’ve been experimenting with a few ideas:

  1. Describing particular skills or competencies so that it’s clear what someone will be able to do once they meet the expectations associated with a given skill. Example: Ability to work collaboratively on code.
  2. Making expectations actionable so that someone can easily work towards meeting the expectation and then demonstrate what they have learned. Added bonus: it’s easy for mentors to monitor someone progress and give targeted feedback. Example: Propose code changes by submitting a PR for review.
  3. Adding columns where we can track/link to resources, artifacts, or tasks/assignments that anyone can use to advance their skills and knowledge for a given skill. Example: Setting up a Repository tutorial.

Please take a look and make additions or suggestions that will make our dev stages stronger!

What’s next: We’re heading into some QA related skills…Anyone who wants to help us flesh out skills related to automated testing is welcome to join us on Thursday at 9pm EAT | 6pm UTC. I’ll post an announcement with details.