Update to flossmanuels.net Developer Guide

Hello, A fellow student and I have recently started to work with OpenMRS and have come across this guide http://www.flossmanuals.net/openmrs-developers-guide/index/ It seems to be at least 3 years out of date. We are interested in rewriting the instillation and module creation parts to reflect the current state of the project. Would this be worth while? Any help is greatly appreciated, Ira Lauer

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Hi Laueri

This is great. The manual definitely needs updating. Don’t know how much the module creation process has changed but the section of installation and sdk usage needs to be updated to reflect the current state. As it stands now a lot of newcomers tend to have a lot of difficulties when they use the manual especially the section on the sdk since the manual talks about a version of the sdk that is no longer supported.

Also the installation process has to take into consideration the new platform 2.0 which does not have a user interface. So to answer your question.

  1. Is that worth while? Yes, definitely IMHO but not sure how you’ll get started with that. Someone else in the community will be able to help in that aspect.

Also, I think it would be nice to talk about OWA in the developers guide.

@laueri this is a great initiative! :smile:

I just tried accessing http://www.booki.cc/openmrs and got a domain for sale message. Could it be time for us to look for another tool for the developer guide?

Any alternative tools that people can suggest???

@dkayiwa, @ivange94 How about we include updating parts of this manual as GCI tasks? It would make a lot of sense and @laueri, we would love to have you contribute.

You could actually work on revamping the manual during the GCI timeline alongside other new devs who would be participating in GCI

As for the SDK usage, we would have to ask @raff

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@laueri, this would definitely be a great contribution!

A technical point is that we want to migrate away from flossmanuals. @burke mentioned on another thread that he has applied for an account for us on gitbook, which I think is where we hope to migrate to.

@burke, what’s the status on that front?

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@burke any updates on this? :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard back from GitBook; however, I don’t think should prevent us having GCI students try converting our guides into GitBook format, since GitBook just uses git. In fact, if initial drafts using GitBook look promising, we could even host the books in github.

@laueri do you think your team can do this using GitBook? :slight_smile:

We haven’t heard back from Suranga on GCI. I believe the contest starts soon and we don’t have tasks lined up. I think we should start soon!